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Bankruptcy and Reorganizations Industries

Not For Profit Hospital, Complex Case, Debts of more than $50 million, Assets of more than $50 million,
Long Term Healthcare/Nursing Homes

Health & Beauty Aids
Sale and manufacturing of golf related equipment
Machinery Manufacturer
Printing and imaging production and sales

Sale and rental of road construction and traffic control equipment
Real Estate

Commercial Litigation Support:
Loss of Income due to a claimed Breach of Contract for failing to build an anchor store, filed by a retail store mall developer against a national grocery chain.
Equitable Claim for Adjustment, claimed by a sub-contractor against a mining company, on a large construction contract.
Loss of Income claims due to an Inverse Condemnation liability filed against county and state governments for damage to agricultural property caused by floodwaters resulting from the negligent construction of a road and improper maintenance of public property.

Fidelity Losses:

Multi-unit residential construction
Retail stores, including grocery stores, mini-marts, and specialty stores
Medical and dental claim processing
State Governmental Agency
Manufacturing Firms

Business Interruptions:

Agricultural – Milling, Finished crops
Lodging – Hotel, Resort
Multi-unit residential – Apartments
Service – Medical, Printing, Automotive

Property Damage:

Cellular Communication
Finished Crop
Financial Institution

Not For Profit